Terms of Service

  • 1. Purpose
    • The purpose of this Agreement is to establish rights, responsibilities, and other necessary matters concerning the use of the messenger service (hereinafter referred to as the "service") provided by Oneclack (hereinafter referred to as the "Company").

  • 2. Definition of Terms
    • The terms used in this Agreement shall be defined in the following paragraphs, and the interpretation of undefined terms shall be in accordance with applicable laws and practices.

      1. "Customer" means a person who has downloaded an application from the App Store market or from the App Store market operated by the platform provider in order to use the services provided by the Company.
      2. "User" means the customer who agrees to these Terms and Conditions and the Personal Information Processing Policy and is entitled to use the services provided by the Company.
      3. "Service" means all game services provided by the Company.
      4. "Terminals" refers to wireless and wired devices such as mobile phones, smart phones, PDAs, tablets, and portable game machines that can use the service.
      5. "Application" means all the programs that can use the services provided by the Company.
      6. "App Store Business Operator" means an open market business operator who can download applications provided by the company and make in-app payments.
      7. "Platform Operator" means a provider and all related services that provide services in cooperation with the Company.
      8. "User Account" means the combination of letters, numbers or special characters assigned by the user and selected by the user for identification and service of the AppStore operator or platform provider.
      9. "Contents" refers to items made for use by the company in the service.
  • 3. Provide company information
    • The company publishes each of the following items on its website or makes it easy for the user to know through the connection screen in the application. However, these terms and the personal information processing policy can be made available to the user through the connection screen.

      1. Name of company and representative's name
      2. Business address (including address where user can handle complaints) and e-mail address
      3. Telephone number, fax number
      4. Business license number
      5. Privacy Policy
      6. Terms of service
  • 4. Effectiveness and Change of Terms
    • A. The company shall make good use of the terms and conditions by posting them on the company's website so that the users can know the terms and conditions.
    • B. The Company shall not be liable for any violation of applicable laws, such as the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, the Act on Regulation of Terms, the Act on Promotion of Information Network Usage and Information Protection, You may change these terms. The modified terms shall specify the date of application, changes and reasons for change, and notify the user through the connection screen in the company website application until 7 days before the application date and after a certain period after the application date. However, matters that have a significant effect on the rights and duties of users are notified from 30 days prior to the application date.
    • C. You may not agree to the terms and conditions that are subject to change, and if you do not agree to the terms and conditions to be changed, you may stop using the service and withdraw from the service. However, in the event that the notice of change made by the method of paragraph B is not announced, the user shall not expressly express his / her intention to the company until the day before the application of the modified terms, Or if you continue to use the Service after the effective date of the Terms and Conditions, you agree to the modified Terms.
  • 5. Conformity other than the terms and conditions
    • Regarding matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions, the "Consumer Protection Act for Electronic Commerce, etc.", "Law on Regulation of Terms", "Act on Promotion of Information Network Usage and Information Protection, etc." Laws and practices.

  • 6. the establishment of a service contract
    • A. The service use agreement is established when the "user" installs and runs the application and agrees to this agreement and the personal information processing policy. In the case that the application is normally run in the terminal after completing the usage of the service by the customer, the use of the service is deemed to be accepted.
    • B. If a user steals personal information of another person in the process of using the service, the user can not claim the rights of the user under this agreement, and the company can cancel or terminate the use contract. The same shall apply if the user provides personal information to the platform operator and uses the service through the platform operator.
    • C. The Company may not accept the application for any of the following cases.
      1. If you are using a service in a country other than the Republic of Korea that your company has not yet determined to provide the service, you may be required to provide the service in connection with your contract with an overseas service provider, If you need to restrict
      2. Application for use for the purpose of illegal act prohibited by 「Act on Promotion of Information Network Usage and Information Protection, etc.」 and other related laws
      3. In addition, if it is deemed inappropriate for acceptance as grounds under Paragraph 2
  • 7. User account management
    • A. The Company performs various user management tasks such as the availability of the user's service through the user account.
    • B. The user must manage his / her user account with the duty of care as a good manager. The Company shall not bear any liability for damages incurred by the user neglecting his user account or accepting the use by a third party.
  • 8. Protection and management of personal information
    • A. The Company shall endeavor to protect the personal information of the user including the user account as stipulated by the relevant laws and regulations. The protection and use of the user's personal information will be subject to the related laws and regulations and the personal information processing policy specified and notified by the company separately.
    • B. The Company shall not be held responsible for the personal information of the user including the user account that is exposed due to the cause of the user.
  • 9. Company's obligations
    • A. The Company shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations and faithfully fulfill the exercise of the rights set forth in these Terms and the fulfillment of its obligations.
    • B. The Company shall promptly respond to any comments or complaints from the users within a reasonable period of time if it is objectively recognized. However, if the processing takes a long time, the user will be informed separately of the reason and the processing schedule.
    • C. The Company makes every effort to repair or repair the Service in case of any failure, without unreasonable reasons, without delay.
    • D. The Company endeavors to provide convenience to users in terms of the procedures and content of contracts with users, such as the conclusion of contracts for use, changes in contracts and termination of contracts.
  • 10. User's obligation
    • A. The user shall not use the services provided by the company for purposes other than the purpose of use of the service, or act in any of the following cases.
      1. To steal or misappropriate another user's user account
      2. Trading or trading accounts with others using services not provided by the Company;
      3. Use the information obtained through the use of the Company's services or applications for commercial or non-commercial use, or use services using unknown bugs
      4. Using the Company's services or applications to create property interests for yourself or others;
      5. To defame or damage another's reputation
      6. Infringe on the intellectual property, portrait rights, or other rights of the company or third parties
      7. To take advantage of a third party by profiting from or harassing third parties by unauthorized use or use of the services provided by the Company.
      8. Engage in sexually explicit or vulgar information, link (link) or display unauthorized advertising or promotional material;
      9. Transmitting or disseminating characters, symbols, sounds, images, etc. that cause shame, disgust, or fear to other users;
      10. Damage, corruption, alteration, forgery, etc. or interference with the operation of information and communication systems, data, programs and applications
      11. Arbitrarily change the application or add or insert another program into the application or manipulate or change the data communication between the server and the application
      12. Using the Services for commercial, commercial, advertising, political or illegal campaigns without the Company's consent.
      13. Any other violation of public order and morals, misconduct, unlawful act, unlawful act.
    • B. You must observe and observe from time to time the announcements in the website or application of the Company and the amendments of these Terms and Conditions, and you shall not engage in activities that interfere with the work of other companies.
    • C. The user assumes responsibility for the management of the terminal using the user account and service, and should not let third party use it.
    • D. The Company may establish and operate the service operation policy, and the user shall use the service in accordance with the service operation policy set by the company.
    • E. The Company may revise the Service Operation Policy from time to time.
  • 11. Service Delivery Time and Stop
    • A. The Company shall start the service from the time when the user consents to use the service. However, for some services, the service will be provided from the specified date according to the needs of the company.
    • B. The company provides 24-hour-a-day service unless there is a special business or technical interruption. However, service use can be suspended for a period of time if operation requires such operation as system regular inspection, extension and replacement of servers, various bug patches, and service changes. In such a case, the company will publish the contents and time in advance of the company's official blog or in-application announcements. However, if there are unavoidable reasons that the company cannot notify in advance, the notice may be made later.
  • 12. Service content and changes
    • A. You must use the Service in accordance with these Terms and the Service Operation Policy or Rules of Use.
    • B. The company has comprehensive rights to services such as the operation and termination of services.
    • C. The company can modify, add, or terminate all or part of the service in case of service improvement, various bug patches, etc. In addition to the service, the company notifies the service contents and the date of delivery through its website.
    • D. The Company may limit, suspend or terminate the Services in whole or in part if any of the following are true:
      1. In case of an unavoidable cause, such as war, defense, natural disasters or national emergency;
      2. In case of failure of the power outage, failure of the various facilities, or excessive use of the service;
      3. In case of unavoidable construction, such as repair of service facilities
      4. In case the service cannot be performed due to various conditions of the other company
    • E. The Company shall not be liable for any problems arising from any changes and / or discontinuance of the Service, except in cases where the Service is changed or suspended due to the intention or negligence of the Company.
  • 13. Providing information and showing ads
    • A. In addition to the user information provided through the platform provider or the app store operator, the Company may request additional information from the user, and the user information collected or provided will not be used for purposes other than those specified in the personal information processing policy.
    • B. The Company may place advertisements on the Service, and the User agrees to be exposed to the Ads when using the Services.
    • C. The company shall not be held liable for any losses or damages caused by users accessing, participating, or trading advertisements under paragraph B.
  • 14. Contract cancellation, service suspension, etc.
    • A. If the user does not want to use the individual service at any time, he can terminate the contract by withdrawing from the individual service.
    • B. When a user requests withdrawal from an individual service, all information including the user's service usage history will be deleted. If you opt out, you will not be able to use the service for two weeks (14 days) after you opt out.
    • C. The Company may terminate the use contract or limit the use of the service by setting the term if the user violates the provisions set out in Article 10 or the service operation policy.
    • D. The User may file an objection in accordance with the procedures set by the Company for the restriction of use of the service pursuant to Paragraph C, and the Company will resume use of the Service immediately if the User's objection is found to be justifiable.
    • E. The Company shall not be liable to compensate for any damages incurred by the user due to restrictions on the use of the service provided that the use of the service pursuant to Paragraph C is justified.
  • 15. Compensation for damages
    • A. The User shall indemnify the Company against damages caused by the breach of the obligations of this Agreement or damages to the Company in the course of using the Service by the User.
    • B. If the Company receives various kinds of complaints including damages claims or lawsuits from third parties other than the users due to illegal acts or violations of these Terms, the user shall be exempted from his responsibilities and expenses. If the company is damaged due to non-exemption of the company,
  • 16. Immunity
    • A. The company shall be exempted from its responsibility in the event that it cannot provide services for wartime, defense, natural disasters, national emergencies, or other unavoidable reasons.
    • B. The Company shall not be held liable for the interruption or use of the service caused by the cause of the user and shall not be responsible for any damage caused to the user because the telecommunication service provider does not stop the telecommunication service or provide it normally.
    • C. The Company shall be exempted from any liability for any interruption or failure of service due to unavoidable reasons such as repair, replacement, periodic inspection, construction, etc. of facilities for services rendered in advance or urgently conducted in advance.
    • D. The Company shall not be liable for the failure of the user to obtain the expected score, rank, etc. using the service, and shall be exempted from liability for damages caused by the selection or use of the service for the service.
    • E. The Company shall not be held responsible for any disadvantages or loss of information that users may receive by changing their personal information (including user accounts).
    • F. The Company shall not be liable for any problems that arise during the use of the service due to the user's terminal environment, network environment without cause of the company's responsibility.
    • G. The Company has no obligation to intervene in the dispute between users or between users and third parties through the service, nor is it responsible for any damages caused by them.
    • H. In the case of free services or free content provided by the Company, it is not eligible for damages. However, in the case of damage caused by intention or negligence of the Company, it is excluded.
  • 17. jurisdiction and observance
    • A. In case of disputes arising between the company and the user regarding the use, the court shall be in accordance with the procedures set out in the relevant laws such as the Civil Procedure Act.
    • B. The laws of the Republic of Korea apply to lawsuits filed between the Company and the User.