Create a new relationship

in your own way,



Sircle's unique way

Security is tight

All conversations are encrypted No messages are stored on the server. You can have a conversation as much as you like.

Relationship in the direction I want to do

Sircle does not connection with contacts Friend relationships are formed only through application and acceptance process. Only critical, necessary things get push notifications.

My various looks

All friends are included in the groups I have set up. You can create several profiles in advance as needed. Each group can set a different profile to show their desired image to the people.

My own space

you can create multiple passcodes for the App Lock screen. You can select the groups that are accessible by passcode. Talk to the group you want with multiple passcodes.

If you've ever thought about this!

Have you ever been an unwanted automatic friend with someone in my contact? What if you could create multiple profiles and show me only the profiles you want? What if I could call friends all at once instead of finding my friends list every time I sent a message? If someone had ever peeped into my cell phone's messenger conversation without permission. If you are uncomfortable with useless push notifications. What if we were worried that our conversation would be leaked? IF SO!

App Screenshot